William Tecumseh Sherman Jr.

Guard Captain


Captain Sherman is the son of a well known and respected general from the blackpowder wars. Sherman’s “March to the Sea” is a well-known military victory and was likely instrumental in the eventual victory of the Sorceror’s Cabal that would eventually form the guild. His son, the Captain, would have died at age nine from an accident were it not for magical treatment, and he feels he owes his life to the Guild.

Sherman Jr.‘s career has not been the success his father’s was. He has accepted a position as the captain of the guard for Brushwood more out of it being the only real option for advancement left to him after failing repeatedly to protect various Guild assets form Neverborn incursions. While initially resentful of the posting, he has made close alliances with Big Sal that have been prosperous for both.

What Sherman lacks in military intellect he makes up for in brutality and low-cunning. His guardsman are considered by most to be little more than jack-booted thugs, more interested in bribes than in maintaining justice. With the increased incidence of Gremlin raids on the surrounding areas, Sherman has been provided all the excuse he needs to tighten the Guild’s grip on the area.

William Tecumseh Sherman Jr.

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